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    Andy Satter, Founder / CEO

    Andy Satter

    As an executive coach, Andy helps his clients become exceptional leaders by building on their strengths, honing aspects of their leadership style that require development, and helping them to recognize the impact of their presence on others.

    Andy also aligns senior teams around shared purposes and role clarity, teaching team members how to engage in dialog to create an environment that is conducive to building trust, respect and collaboration, while resolving conflicts productively whenever they arise. And he consults with organizations that recognize the need to align their people, processes and strategies due to rapidly changing market forces and game-changing events such as mergers and acquisitions.

    His vision, business acumen, and advocacy for open business practices have made him an influential organization development leader. He is comfortable working with companies of all sizes – from start-ups to Fortune 50s – and has worked with executives from more than 45 countries in industries including: advertising, airlines, automotive, biotech, digital marketing, financial services, healthcare, health and beauty, hospitality, information technology, logistics, media, package goods, not-for-profit, pharmaceuticals, publishing and research.

    Pragmatic, innovative and results-oriented, Andy is passionate about working with established and newly emerging business leaders and organizations who want to achieve great results – results that contribute to the success of their company and to the communities to which they belong.

    Andy has coached in the executive suite and he has coached clients in airport lobbies on their way to critical meetings. He’s a deep listener who respectfully challenges his clients’ assumptions and perceptions with questions and insights that help them frame challenges as new opportunities that positively impact their careers and their company’s bottom line. His personalized approach to coaching draws from Gestalt, Jungian Psychology, Systems Thinking, Somatic Awareness, and the work of Peter Block and applied creativity pioneer Ned Herrmann, both who served as early mentors and for whom Andy served as an affiliate.

    After beginning his professional career as co-founder of a successful start-up, he subsequently worked for a global advertising agency before transitioning into executive coaching and consulting. Andy has spent nearly a decade researching the role of mentoring as a tool for effective talent development and the transfer of knowledge between Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and most recently Millennials. He co-authored/co-published two white papers on mentoring: “Building the Leadership Pipeline in Corporate America. Why Smart Companies Should Use Mentoring As Part of Their Talent Management Strategy” and “Why Don’t More Senior Leaders Mentor? And How They Are Mortgaging Their Company’s Future in the Process”.

    Andy graduated magna cum laude from Boston College with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. He was the 2009 recipient of the John Henry Hobart Teaching Fellowship from Hobart and William Smith Colleges for his ongoing work in individual leadership development. 

    Andy is a certified practitioner of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), and has published several articles and spoken about different applications of its use at industry conferences in the US, France, Spain and England.

    Andy lives in the Hudson Valley of New York with family and is an advocate of land conservation and local food and
    energy production.