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Personal Triggers & Circuit Breakers - How to Keep Your Cool at the Office

Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly become angry and say something that you later regret?  If you’re like me, this can feel like an out-of-body experience;  my words seem to by-pass my brain and it’s as if someone else uttered them.

Fortunately, I very rarely go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye, but I’ve worked with leaders who do.  And we all know that ultimately this behavior is a potential career derailer.

Awareness is the first step for positive behavior change.   

Before you can change a behavior, it’s essential to understand the context surrounding it.  For example, what were the circumstances and what are the triggers (i.e. specific events) that typically set you off?

In my next two blogs, I’ll be exploring personal triggers and circuit breakers – specific things you can do to interrupt an undesirable reaction and increase your odds of responding in a rational and professional manner.

Building on my 25-years experience as an executive coach, I believe you can have positive results  by applying these time-tested guidelines.

In the meantime, please take this quick 2 question anonymous poll below  -- I’ll share the results in my next blog.  






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