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Circuit Breakers: 3 Effective Techniques for Managing Your Anger or Frustration at the Office

In my previous blog, I introduced two concepts related to managing frustration and anger:

  • Daniel Goleman’s concept of the Amygdala hijacking – where a person's temper or frustration can go from 0 to 60 in a split second.
  • Circuit breakers -- intentional shifts in behavior than can disrupt an amygdala hijacking and provide opportunities for behavioral resets.






Here are three of my favorite circuit breakers that my clients have used with great success:

  1. (Use when seated) Place both feet squarely on the floor.  Make sure your hips are relaxed and that you can wiggle your knees in and out without restriction.  Find your sit bones and gently rock forward and back on them.  Make sure you're sitting squarely and that your shoulders are relaxed.  Maintain this position until you've cooled off.  
  2. (Use when seated). Place the palm of your non-dominant hand over your abdomen or belly button and gently expand your belly into your palm. Continue to breathe full breaths into your palm for several minutes or until you’ve cooled off.
  3. Call a brief, 5-minute time out for a bio-break and go to the rest room.  This gives you time to get up, move around, cool off and regroup.

At first, you might resist trying these out but why not do a small experiment see if they work?  After all, which would you rather do -- apologize and figure out how to dig yourself out of a hole you just dug for yourself? Or, enjoy receiving positive feedback for taking your leadership effectiveness to a new level?

I’d say that’s a no-brainer.




Andy Satter
Founder | CEO
Andrew Satter & Associates, Inc.
(845) 256-0995 (direct) 

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