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Six Things You Need To Know To Plan A Great Offsite Meeting

Fall is a great time to bring your leadership team together for an offsite to focus on the future.  After all, 2013 is just ten weeks away.  Well-planned and well-run offsite meetings provide the opportunity to reflect on what you and your team have done really well, where you’ve fallen a bit short of the mark, and what specifically you chose to continue or to do differently going forward. Offsites are also a terrific for ensuring that your team is aligned and all on the same page. (More on this topic in a future posting.)

If you have the funds, make the investment and take your team away from the office – even if it’s just for one-day. (If you can afford an overnight retreat, even better.)  If you don’t have the funds, beg or borrow from your next budget – it will be money well spent!

Here are six things you need to know to plan a great offsite meeting:

  1. Establish clear and reasonable objectives and make them known in advance.

  2. Invite input into the meeting design.  What you think your team wants to discuss is often different from what they want to discuss.

  3. Make the meeting engaging and provide ample opportunities for participants to interact with each other, in both structured and non-structured ways.

  4. Encourage focused dialog, use minimal PowerPoint.

  5. Engage an expert to help you design and facilitate your offsite.

  6. Have fun.

Happy to answer questions if you’re contemplating an offsite.