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    Executive, Team & Organization Development Offerings

    Our clients reach out to us for different reasons. Some seek our counsel as a strategic partner, bouncing their ideas off us as part of their due diligence or as a reality check. Some clients engage us to help a new senior hire successfully onboard into their organization. Other clients contact us to help align a critical team that is struggling to get started or is underperforming. And there are clients who seek our guidance in helping develop and implement a strategy to engage and retain their brightest stars.

    At Andrew Satter & Associates, we learn about your individual and organizational needs and develop a customized road map to get from where you are to where you want to be tomorrow. Founder Andy Satter has forged a reputation for outstanding and innovative work in these three areas:

    Individuals, teams and organizations are three components of a dynamic and interwoven system. Change on one level impacts the others, resembling a small pebble (or large boulder) dropped into a pond; the ripple effect created is dependent on the size of the stone and the size of the pond.

    How do you measure an effective and successful consultancy? Two measures come to mind: the quantitative and qualitative benefits that the consultancy brings to bear for its clients; and the length of business relationships the consultancy maintains over time. We have established many long-term business relationships with our clients – many for 10+ years – some of which started with a coaching assignment and grew into consultations on the team and
    organization levels.