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    First we get to know your goals.  Together, we create your roadmap.

    What we do

    Andrew Satter & Associates, Inc. helps executives, teams and organizations work smarter to realize individual and collective goals and aspirations that can have a dramatic impact on careers and the bottom line.

    As an organization development consulting firm, we help clients discover what’s possible when they set their sights realistically high. We support our clients’ efforts to achieve and surpass their goals, often working with them to anticipate and overcome obstacles such as organizational politics and resistance.

    Founder Andy Satter has forged a reputation for outstanding and innovative work in these three areas:

    Why work with Andrew Satter & Associates?

    Each of our initiatives is designed with your specific goals and needs in mind; there are no one-size-fits-all offerings or interventions on our shelves. Clients tell us what they value most is our experience, our ability to see into the heart of a challenge and our results.

    We think and act locally and globally. Working with clients from more than 45 countries on six continents has taught us how to engage and communicate with widely diverse populations, an asset that becomes increasingly valuable as the world continues to shrink.

    We're nimble. We'll roll up our sleeves to work with you to achieve your desired outcomes. From design to implementation, our methodologies are pragmatic, engaging and results-oriented.

    We're experts. We know how to help clients build coalitions to achieve stakeholder buy-in, we pay close attention to personal chemistry and draw on our wide network of world class colleagues whose skills, style, and experience can be matched with your unique situation.

    First we get to know your goals.

    We believe all individuals and organizations are unique. Whether you need executive coaching, team alignment or organization consulting, we take the time to understand your individual and company needs before jumping to solutions.

    Together, we create your roadmap.

    We are experienced strategic partners; we listen deeply and ask challenging questions that frequently provoke breakthrough insights. Then we help you create and implement strategy in a way that's designed to produce bottom-line results in a timely fashion.

    Clients, co-workers and the community all benefit.

    We believe ongoing professional development is a strategic asset and we help companies create coaching and mentoring programs designed to engage, develop and retain their best and brightest. We also help clients develop strategies to move from non-sustainable to sustainable business practices, and encourage them to embrace the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet.

    Andrew Satter & Associates is dedicated to helping your executives and teams grow and achieve great things. To learn how mentoring can result in 25.5% life in productivity, read "Building The Leadership Pipeline in Corporate America," co-authored by Diane Russ and Andy Satter. ($6.95 per download).